Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 10/12/13

Following a 31-7 thrashing at the hands of the K.C. Chiefs during Week 4, N.Y. Giants DB Antrel Rolle claimed that his team would run the table--in other words, go 12-0 the rest of the way. Two things: 1) Rolle needs to understand that there is a difference between immense confidence and outright delirium. 2) The chances of Rolle's prediction coming true were about the same as yours truly dating Christie Brinkley, Sharon Stone, and Eva Longoria on CONSECUTIVE NIGHTS in the very near future..........TRIVIA QUESTION: What two Cincinnati Reds players combined to hit a sizzling .643 during the 1990 World Series vs. the Oakland A's? Answer to follow..........There may have been BETTER outfielders over the years, but few have made it look as EASY as Carlos Beltran of the Cardinals..........I was talking to former MLB outfielder Frank Thomas recently (the "original" one--who played in the 50's/60's)--who told me the reason why his production fell off so much after being traded from the Pirates to the Reds in the late 50's: "Because a GYNECOLOGIST performed surgery on my hand!" Ah, yes--just another reason why professionals (or ANYONE, for that matter) should never venture too far from their chosen areas of expertise..........With all this talk about the money Robinson Cano is seeking in his next contract, the first thing that comes to mind is this: A hot dog and beer at Yankee Stadium will STILL shoot the heck out of a $20 bill--whether if he re-signs with the team or not..........Sportswriters/broadcasters/spotters will relate to this: There is NOTHING more irritating than being in a high school press box that's not monitored for people entering it. Unnecessary noise and crowded space are continued problems when former players, relatives, friends, children, etc. are allowed in an area that should be limited to MEDIA MEMBERS only--who are simply trying to do their jobs. Let's hope more athletic directors become aware of this recurring problem and take the appropriate action..........Scenario: U.S. tennis player Madison Keys marries former MLB player Darryl Boston, divorces, marries ex-NFL running back Wilbert Montgomery--divorces again--then walks down the aisle with former MLB infielder Mike Lansing. Fans of U.S. capital cities would surely enjoy seeing her swing the racket with the full married name of Madison Boston Montgomery Lansing..........Did you know that former Cincinnati Bengals RB James Brooks had three 1,000+ yard rushing seasons in his career with the team--but also averaged more than five yards per carry in each of those three years? Brooks topped the 1,000 mark in 1986 (1,087 yds./5.3 yds. per carry), 1989 (1,239/5.6), and 1990 (1,004/5.1)..........ITEM: Volunteer State Community College (TN) baseball coach Mike Crossland is arrested after authorities discovered he was married to two women. Sheesh, I know Crossland is familiar with the term "double play," but this is going just a bit too far..........Answer to trivia question: BILLY HATCHER (9-for-12) and CHRIS SABO (9-for-16)..........ITEM: Rapper/producer Jay Z says that his shady past as a drug dealer will help him as a sports agent. Ummm--I'm almost speechless and don't want to dignify this dolt's comments with any further publicity. Let's just say that the first person who came to my mind when I read about this was Don "Only in America" King..........Finally, condolences go out to the family of former MLB player Andy Pafko--who passed away recently in Michigan at the age of 92; he had suffered from Alzheimer's disease. Pafko may have been famous for watching Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round The World" sail over the fence during the 1951 playoff (Giants/Dodgers), but he was a helluva player in his own right. A four-time All-Star, Pafko played for the Cubs, Dodgers, and Braves during a 17-year career--hitting .285 lifetime. Pafko played on the last Cubs team to reach the World Series in 1945--a year in which he drove in 110 runs. Perhaps his best season came in '48 with Chicago when he hit 26 homers, drove in 101 runs, and hit .312. Though aging and seeing his skills decline, Andy was a member of the '57 Braves team that beat the Yankees in the World Series. Andy Pafko will also be remembered for his diving catches and overall toughness on the baseball field. May this former talented outfielder rest in peace.


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