Monday, February 25, 2008

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" -- - - - 3-01-08

Am I mistaken, or are too many people/players hiding behind the excuse that past steroid abuse wasn't really a big deal at the time solely because it wasn't "against the rules" in major league baseball? Umm, does it matter that, in most states, both state and federal laws have prohibited anabolic steroids? I'm sure MLB doesn't have a rule on the books that prohibits a player from going up to another and shooting him in the head, either; does that make it O.K.? Go figure..........TRIVIA QUESTION: The 1980-'81 Milwaukee Bucks--who averaged more than 113 points per game--had an impressive SEVEN players who averaged in double figures scoring-wise. How many of these individuals can you name? Answer to follow..........Here in CT, we're definitely spoiled when it comes to women's basketball as Mr. Auriemma & Co. reload and excel yearly. On the flip side, how 'bout the Fordham women's program at this juncture? At press time, they were 0-27 this season under the leadership of second-year coach Cathy Andruzzi; this comes after a 3-25 campaign last year. If my math is correct, Andruzzi's 3-52 record at Fordham translates to a winning % of just .054. Ouch..........If O.J. Simpson had employed Roger Clemens' current defense team during his 1995 murder trial, "The Juice" in 2008 would most likely be squeezing oranges manually each day as part of a prison work furlough program somewhere in southwestern Florida..........This week in sports history, March 4, 1968: Unbeaten fighter "Smokin'" Joe Frazier knocks out Buster Mathis in the 11th round in a heavyweight fight held at New York's Madison Square Garden. Frazier--who had lost twice to Mathis as an amateur--battered his opponent throughout the fight before finally knocking Mathis through the ropes at 2:33 of the 11th. The victory enabled Frazier to put in a strong claim for Muhammad Ali's vacated heavyweight crown--a title that was stripped from Ali due to draft evasion..........Sure, it's commendable that Chevy continues to award $1,000 to each school's general scholarship fund during televised college athletic events. Is it me, though, or has this amount not changed in YEARS? One word for the Chevy people out there: I-N-F-L-A-T-I-O-N. $1,000 on a college campus these days might purchase 3-4 textbooks, a sack of White Castles, and a half keg of beer..........The "Unwatchable NBA" Update: During a pitiful, 20-point loss to San Antonio last week, the Charlotte Bobcats scored just 65 points while shooting 22-for-77 from the field (29%). Ummm, kinda speaks for itself, huh?..........I'd like to see former Georgia Tech softball player Daisy Paez hook up with troubled Washington Nationals outfielder Elijah Dukes. If they ever walked down the aisle, admirers of form-fitting, denim cut-off shorts throughout the land would surely delight in her full married name of Daisy Dukes..........After seeing Priscilla Presley in the stands at last weekend's Memphis/Tennessee game, I'll just say this: I don't know what the secret is to look THAT good at age 62, but if there happens to be some kind of "fountain of youth" in and around Graceland, I GUARANTEE that she bathes in it on a daily basis.......... Answer to trivia question: MARQUES JOHNSON (20.3 ppg), JUNIOR BRIDGEMAN (16.8), BOB LANIER (14.3), SIDNEY MONCRIEF (14.0), QUINN BUCKNER (13.3), MICKEY JOHNSON (12.5), and BRIAN WINTERS (11.6)..........Happy birthday wishes go out to former major league pitcher Scott Radinsky--who blows out 40 candles on March 3rd. The Glendale, CA native spent 11 seasons in the "bigs"--pitching solely in relief for the White Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals, and Indians between 1990 and 2001. He compiled an impressive record of 42-25 lifetime while saving 52 games; in addition, he surrendered just 33 home runs over the course of his career. Radinsky missed the entire 1994 season after he was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease; he was later awarded the Tony Conigliaro Award in 1995 due to his dealing with adversity/overcoming obstacles. He currently sings as the lead vocalist for the punk rock band Pulley and also serves as pitching coach of the Buffalo Bisons (AAA affiliate of the Cleveland Indians). Best wishes, Scott...........Finally, condolences go out to the family of former major league GM/Denver Broncos co-founder Bob Howsam--who passed away last week of heart problems in Arizona at the age of 89. Howsam will be best remembered as the architect of the Cincinnati Reds "Big Red Machine" teams of the 1970's--who won back-to-back World Series titles in 1975 and 1976; he was also very instrumental in incorporating the use of film in baseball (as a teaching tool) and expanding the use of artificial turf throughout the major leagues. A Denver native, Howsam earlier helped establish the American Football League in 1959 and was principal owner of the Broncos. Howsam was also highly responsible for the construction of Mile High Stadium--the Broncos' first permanent home. At the time of his death, Bob Howsam lived in a retirement home in Sun City with his wife, Janet; may he rest in peace.


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