Monday, November 05, 2007

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 11-10-07

The "Unwatchable NBA" Update: How 'bout the New Jersey Nets losing AT HOME by 37 points (106-69) to the Toronto Raptors last week? The Nets scored a TOTAL of just 28 points in the second half, and Richard Jefferson was the only New Jersey player who scored in double figures. Rumor has it that many Nets fans asked for refunds on the way out of the Izod Center that evening, but even MORE sought medical assistance for nausea and vomiting..........TRIVIA QUESTION: What NBA player holds the all-time record for most points scored in an overtime period? Answer to follow..........I have to admit it: I have WAY too much fun pronouncing the full name of San Diego Chargers defensive lineman Igor Olshansky..........Note to Alex Rodriguez: Now that your great-great grandchildren's grandchildren are set for life financially, don't you think you can now part ways with Scott Boras--allowing more time for the agent to render a different player as a "24-and-one," selfish individual?..........Can you imagine if Japanese golfer Yuri Fudoh married Eddy Curry of the N.Y. Knicks, divorced, married baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Murray--divorced again--then married winger Chris Drury of the N.Y. Rangers? She'd be roaming golf courses internationally with the catchy, full married name of Yuri Curry Murray Drury..........I've voiced my displeasure over the years as far as Charles Barkley's broadcasting abilities are concerned. But the guy is RIGHT ON when it comes to his recent blasting of Kobe Bryant in regard to the superstar's less-than-full efforts after his request for a trade. You see, THAT's what separates stud players like Kevin Garnett, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird from guys like Kobe, Vince Carter, and Stephon Marbury: a 100% effort each and every night..........This week in sports history, November 12, 1979: Tony Franklin of the Philadelphia Eagles kicks a whopping 59-yard field goal--helping his team to a 31-21 victory over the Dallas Cowboys in a game played in Irving, Texas. Franklin's kick was the second longest field goal in NFL history (behind Tom Dempsey's 63-yarder in 1970); Franklin's heroics--along with a 126-yard rushing effort from Wilbert Montgomery--would enable the Eagles to win their first game ever at Texas Stadium..........Lazzari's "Lopsided Score of the Week": In a college football game played in the Midwest last weekend, Mount Union defeated John Carroll 53-0. My only question is this: Was a lone individual named John Carroll playing Mount Union ALL BY HIMSELF?..........Answer to trivia question: GILBERT ARENAS of the Washington Wizards--who scored 16 points in overtime vs. the Los Angeles Lakers on December 17, 2006..........The photograph of actress Kristin Chenoweth on the front page of the most recent "Page Six" Magazine (N.Y. Post) was prettier than ANY jump shot the aforementioned Michael Jordan ever drained..........Just found out that the bankrupt New York Racing Association (NYRA) now owes the Internal Revenue Service approximately 1.6 BILLION dollars. For some reason, my VISA bill doesn't seem as large anymore..........Happy birthday wishes go out to former major league outfielder Larry Harlow--who blows out 56 candles on November 13th. A native of Colorado Springs, Harlow played only six seasons in the "bigs" for the Orioles and the Angels between 1975 and 1981--hitting just .248 lifetime. What amazes me about Harlow's career even to this day are the statistics he put up in 1978 while with the Orioles; he played in 147 games, came to bat 460 times, and had ONLY 26 RBI's! When you consider he had 112 hits (including 25 doubles) that year, it's pretty amazing to finish with such a low RBI total. Hey, they all can't be like the aforementioned Eddie Murray, right? Best wishes, Larry..........Finally, condolences go out to the family of former Olympian John Woodruff--who died recently at an assisted-living facility outside of Phoenix at the age of 92; Woodruff was the last survivor of the dozen American men who won track and field gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Woodruff won gold in the 800 meters--and did it in incredible fashion. Boxed in by runners at the beginning of the race, he actually came to a STOP at one point in order to give himself racing room. Due to his great sprinting power, he was then able to chase down the pack and ultimately capture Olympic glory. He later became a career Army officer--having served in World War II and Korea. In addition to his wife of 37 years, Rose, he is survived by two children and five grandchildren. May Mr. Woodruff rest in peace.


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