Monday, June 11, 2007

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 6-16-07

ITEM: Golfer John Daly claims that he was attacked by his wife with a steak knife. Question: If THIS guy's off-the-course life isn't worthy of a prime-time reality show, then whose life TRULY is?..........TRIVIA QUESTION: What pitcher has allowed the most home runs in Cincinnati Reds team history? Answer to follow..........How 'bout ex-NFL WR Johnnie Morton--who gets knocked out 38 seconds into his first professional martial arts bout? Looks like the formerly sure-handed Morton is a good "catcher" in the ring, too..........I'd like to see LPGA golfer Nancy Scranton hook up with Champions Tour golfer Jim Chancey--for no other reason than if the two were to marry, she'd be teeing off with the catchy, married name of Nancy Chancey..........I've heard the expression before, but during last weekend's coverage of the St. Jude Championship, CBS' Ian Baker-Finch called Robert Allenby one of the best "ball strikers" on the PGA Tour. Pardon me, but doesn't almost EVERY pro golfer strike the ball REALLY well in order to play at such a very high level?..........I can already picture opposing NFL teams playing "Who Let The Dogs Out" over the PA system each time Falcons QB Michael Vick emerges out of the visiting team's tunnel this coming season..........Without commenting on the current, overall interest in professional hockey, how many average sports fans will know--perhaps two months from now--that the Anaheim Ducks are the current Stanley Cup champions? Ooops--I think I just commented about the current interest in professional hockey..........This week in sports history, June 18, 1941: On the verge of possibly losing his heavyweight title, Joe Louis unleashes a barrage of blows in the 13th round and knocks out his cocky challenger, Billy Conn. Louis was making the 18th defense of the title he won back in 1937, and performed his inspiring heroics in front of a lively crowd at New York's Polo Grounds..........Answer to trivia question: TOM BROWNING--who allowed 234 round-trippers while pitching for the Reds from 1984-1994..........I'm not kidding, folks: I saw Clemson's Andy D'Alessio BARELY flick his wrists at an outside pitch last weekend at the NCAA Baseball Championships--and hit the ball to the WARNING TRACK. But aluminum bats aren't THAT much different than wooden ones, right? PLEASE..........Forget rehab and/or jail. I say that the next time Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan get in trouble, a judge should order them to spend some time in a boxing ring with Laila Ali--daughter of "The Greatest"--in the hopes of Laila knocking some SENSE into them.......... If I'm starting a major league baseball "All Throwback-Type Player" team, my first two choices are Kevin Youkilis of the Red Sox and Eric Byrnes of the Arizona D'Backs..........It's now gotten to the point in men's tennis where both #1 Roger Federer and #2 Rafael Nadal are SO far ahead of their competition that the distance should be measured in LIGHT YEARS--and NOT in terms of points and/or ATP rankings..........Speaking of Nadal, who just won his third straight French Open title: Defeating this guy on clay is almost as difficult as yours truly keeping his eyes closed during a "Charlie's Angels" marathon..........Happy birthday wishes go out to former major league infielder Tommy Hinzo--who blows out 43 candles on June 18th. A native of San Diego, Hinzo (a difficult name to forget--and one which I LOVED hearing Yankees PA announcer Bob Sheppard pronounce) played only TWO big league seasons--1987 and '89 with Cleveland--appearing in 85 games during his short-lived career. Amazingly, Hinzo came to bat 17 times during the '89 season and did NOT get a hit (striking out six times)--most likely sealing his fate as a future major leaguer. Hey, he CAN tell his grandchildren that he hit three home runs and stole 10 bases in the "bigs," right? Best wishes, Tommy..........Finally, condolences go out to the family of former Navy basketball coach Dave Smalley--who died recently of complications from cancer at the age of 72. Graduating from the Naval Academy in 1957, Smalley served five years in the Marine Corps before coaching the men's team from 1966-1976--winning 94 games. He was also very instrumental in developing the women's program at Navy--coaching the Lady Mids from 1977-1989 and compiling a career record of 179-119. One of the finest gentlemen ever involved with sports at Navy, the current basketball court at the Academy's Alumni Hall is named in honor of Smalley. Rest in peace, "Coach."


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