Monday, June 25, 2007

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" - - - - 06-30-07

Celebrate The Fourth!

As we celebrate another year of our country's independence this coming week, it's time to present baseball's all-time "All-Independence Day/All-Patriotic" team. I know, folks--TOO much time on my hands!

1B- Derek "Robert E." Lee, Boog "General Colin" Powell, George "Boomer" Scott, Mike "Ezekiel" Jacobs, Dick "Ethan" Allen, Joe "Alexander" Hague

2B- John Kennedy, Ron Washington "Monument," Chris "Benedict" Arnold (team arch enemy!)

SS- U.L. "George" Washington

3B- David "Liberty" Bell

C- Jim "Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and Chevro-" Leyritz, Paul "Revere" Lo Duca, Bob "Clara" Barton, Bob "Daniel" Boone

DH- Reggie "Thomas" Jefferson, Ron "Boomer" Blomberg, Claudell Washington "D.C."

OF- Boots "Independence" Day, David Justice "For All," John "Nathan" Hale, Carl "Stars And Stripes For" Everett, "Camp" David Dellucci, Midre "The British Are" Cummings, Garry "John" Hancock, Tommy "God Bless The U.S." Agee, Jimmy "The Toy Cannon" Wynn, Reggie "Stonewall" Jackson

P- Ryan "Benjamin" Franklin, Fred Norman "Schwarzkopf," Royce "Let Freedom" Ring, Dennis Cook "Out," Todd "Revolutionary" Worrell, Tom "White" House, Butch "Patrick" Henry, Dwight "Eisenhower" Gooden, Wally Bunker "Hill," Marty "General George" Pattin, Paul "Admiral" Byrd, Terry "Samuel" Adams, Jim "Ulysses S." Grant, David "Boomer" Wells, John "Remember The" Maine, Vida "Red, White, And" Blue

MGR.- Jim "Thurgood" Marshall or Alvin "York" Dark

Team Broadcaster: George Grande "Old Flag"

*Finally, Gary "U.S." Bonds and the pop group America would perform the National Anthem before every game. Enjoy the holiday, everyone!


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