Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Lazzari's Sports Roundup" ---- 12-24-05

Former ABC Monday Night Football reporter (translation: "eye candy") Lisa Guerrero recently posed nude for Playboy magazine. Shocking, huh? But all of us who were critical of her hiring in the first place are STILL supposed to believe that the network gave her the gig SOLELY on her journalistic merit/integrity, right? I can GUARANTEE that this gal knows a HELLUVA lot more about shedding clothing than she ever knew about shedding tacklers..........TRIVIA QUESTION: After the great Jim Brown accomplished the feat in 1957, who was the next NFL rookie running back to lead the league in rushing? Answer to follow..........I'd like to see actress/director Penny Marshall hook up with Houston Astros outfielder Jason Lane. If they ever decided to tie the knot, fans of the Beatles would delight in her married name of Penny Lane..........New York Knicks rookie center Channing Frye recently told the New York Post that his favorite New York things are Ranger games, the food in the city, Times Square, and fashion shows. At this juncture, can anyone TRULY blame the young guy for NOT mentioning his OWN team--the lowly Knickerbockers?..........This week in sports history, December 26, 1960: Trailing 13-10 in the fourth quarter, Philadelphia Eagles rookie Ted Dean scores on a 5-yard TD run--leading his team to a 17-13 victory over the Green Bay Packers in the NFL championship game. Dean had also set up the winning drive by returning a Green Bay kickoff 58 yards--giving his team (quarterbacked by Norm Van Brocklin) ideal field position at the Packers' 39-yard-line..........Answer to trivia question: EARL CAMPBELL of the Houston Oilers--who rushed for 1,450 yards during the 1978 season..........If newly acquired, 47-year-old (maybe older) Julio Franco of the New York Mets doesn't land a Geritol endorsement in the advertising mecca better known as the "Big Apple," then he should fire his agent IMMEDIATELY..........Lazzari's "Lopsided Scores of the Week": In Connecticut high school basketball action last week, the East Hampton girls defeated Cheney Tech 55-8; the victors led 29-2 at halftime. In a boys debacle, Sport and Medical Sciences beat Capital Prep 87-17--with Capital being outscored 47-3 in the second half. I can ASSURE you during this holiday season that there were NO tidings of comfort and joy for the losing squads following their respective losses..........At vikingmerchandise.com, online customers can now purchase Minnesota Vikings thong underwear. This type of revealing item kinda reminds me of the team's secondary over the last few years: it just doesn't cover much..........If Toronto Blue Jays pitcher A.J. Burnett is worth $11 million per season, then neither Curly Neal nor Marques Haynes could ever dribble a basketball..........Happy birthday wishes go out to former major league infielder Manny Trillo--who blows out 55 candles on Christmas Day. A native of Venezuela, Trillo played 17 big league seasons from 1973 to 1989 with seven different teams. While playing in Philadelphia in 1980, Trillo was named the NLCS MVP (vs. Houston)--a year in which he was an integral part of the Phillies world championship ball club. A slick-fielding second baseman (with a strong arm), Trillo also won Gold Gloves in '79, '81, and '82 while with Philly and was a four-time All-Star during his career. Best wishes, Manny..........Condolences go out to the family of former NFL defensive lineman Darrell Russell--who died recently in a high-speed car crash in Los Angeles at the tender age of 29. Chosen as the #2 overall pick by Oakland in the 1997 draft, Russell was a Pro-Bowler in 1998 and 1999. However, drug abuse TOTALLY ruined a very promising career as Russell was suspended various times for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Sadly (and ironically), the way in which Russell died eerily mirrored the way he lived his turbulent, short, tragic life. May he now rest in peace..........Finally, as another year of sports winds down and we celebrate the holiday season, I'd like to thank all those readers out there who continue to be a terrific audience. I'd also like to acknowledge sports editor Bill Pucci, Angie Burke, and the entire staff of the Valley Times for their loyalty/efficiency each and every week. Finally, many thanks go out to Susanne Metcalf--whose administrative efforts in regard to this column remain incredibly superb and much appreciated. Happy holidays, everyone.

Bob Lazzari

Reprinted by permission of the Valley Times.


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